» Senior School


Specifically at Year 10

  • SACE induction program
  • Graduation into Senior School on successful completion of SACE induction program
  • Opportunity to undertake VET and Australian School Based Apprenticeships. Access to an Apprenticeship Broker
  • SACE subjects offered through choice (Aquatics, Outdoor Education, Peer Mediation)
  • Term 3 individual counselling appointments with parents/students for individual subject selection and concerns
  • Pastoral Care program with a focus on the Personal Learning Plan and career education
  • Flexible programming including part-time, work experience, home study and other courses aim to keep all students connected to the school
  • Opportunity for membership of Year 10 Leadership Group
  • Transition Day before commencing Year 11

Specifically at Year 11

  • Individual programming is the norm
  • VET integral in programming
  • Wide subject choice
  • Supervised Study line in the Senior Centre
  • SACE subjects that can be taken at Year 12 level whilst in Year 11
  • Access to Harbor View Campus for transition from school, formal VET programming, and possible Year 12 pathways
  • Term 3 individual subject counselling appointments with parents and students
  • Students with learning difficulties clustered for English/Maths with class and Senior Centre support
  • pportunity for membership of Senior Leadership Group

Specifically at Year 12

  • Year 12 Induction Seminar early in Term 1
  • Supervised study lines in the Senior Centre
  • A well established culture including Year 12 Jackets, Year 12 Formal, Graduation Ceremony, Major School Awards and Honour Board
  • A pastoral care program focusing on career pathways
  • Support in navigating the tertiary entrance processes
  • Wide subject choice including the opportunity to undertake specialist classes at nearby schools through the Federation of Schools agreement
  • VET can still be a major component of programming
  • Close monitoring of student progress to ensure SACE patterns are maintained and specific goals met
  • End of year counselling and support to follow up SACE results, followed by January counselling and support with courses and pathway options
  • Harbor View Campus as a transition point or pathway to complete Year 12
  • Opportunity for membership of Senior Leadership Group