Stage 2 Music


Through the study of music students have the opportunity to engage in musical activities such as performing, composing, arranging, researching, and developing and applying music technologies.  Students benefit from the opportunity to develop their practical and creative potential, oral and written skills, and their capacity to make informed interpretative and aesthetic judgments.

There are 8 semester units of study available with negotiation and advice from the teacher
A full year comprises 2 units.

  • Music Individual Study
  • Ensemble Performance
  • Solo Performance
  • Music on Context
  • Musicianship
  • Composing and arranging
  • Performance Special Study
  • Music Technology
  • Music on Context



School-based Assessment


Folio of Minor Works


External Assessment


Major Work (external exam or moderation)


Special requirements:

  • Participation in ensemble groups for school and community performances during the year.
  • Attendance at performances as arranged by the music teacher.
  • Solo Performance and/or Performance Special Study students are required to study an instrument or vocals for the full year and attend all weekly lessons either here at the college with free tuition from DECD IMS staff or their own private teacher at their own expense.

Associated costs:
Those students who need to hire an instrument can do so through the school at an additional cost.  Students and their families needing to access this feature will be required to enter a Hire Agreement and return a signed Contract with payment.
Please note: commitment is for 12 months and fees are not refundable.

IMS Instrumental/Vocal Reports will be issued at the end of each semester for Solo Performance and Performance Special Study students only.