11 Physical Education A or B - (10 credits) - Semester course

If you don’t challenge yourself you will never realise what you can become.

Students will gain an understanding of human physiology and physical activity. They will develop skills in communication, investigation, and the ability to apply knowledge to practical situations through game sense and analysis.

Students will gain an awareness of the learning processes in skills and techniques and appreciate the various adaptations to fitness through the study of Exercise Physiology

Practical activities - 60%

Physical Activity Folio – 40%

Semester 1 A Topics

Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball

Physical Activity Folio:
Body and Energy systems, Skill Acquisition and Issues Analysis

Semester 2 B Topics

Netball, Golf and Indoor Sports (European Handball and Squash)

Physical Activity Folio:
Exercise Physiology and Training Programs, Biomechanics and Issues in Sport

Course Fee: $50 per semester