In the Middle School at Ocean View College we believe that young adolescents are at a critical stage in life and in learning, therefore it becomes imperative to nurture their developing intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills with a Middle Schooling philosophy. By believing that all students can learn when given the opportunity and by providing a caring and secure middle schooling environment we encourage all students to experience challenges and successes

What is Middle Schooling at Ocean View College?

Middle Schooling is a set of principals about teaching, learning and curriculum for students in years 6 to 9. These principles are designed to be flexible in order to cater for the developmental needs of young adolescents. A major focus of these principals is to improve the engagement and attitudes of students towards their learning and to school as a whole. Middle Schooling philosophy at Ocean View College promotes improvement in curriculum, pedagogy, pastoral care and school organisation.

Values and Beliefs

The Middle School teachers at Ocean View College believe that the following are essential when responding to the needs of students in the Middle School:

  • Developing Student’s Intellectual Capacities
  • Differentiating Instruction to Meet Students’ Diverse Learning Styles
  • Shaping the Curriculum to Meet the Needs of Students
  • Developing Students’ Leadership and Voice
  • Creating a Safe Learning Environment
  • Engaging Students in the Community