Students Working Actively Together provided opportunities for service to the community and student voice. Students are invited to join and then decide upon what action in teams are needed. SWAT is based on the following beliefs:

  • All students can make serious and important decisions
  • All student voice is legitimate
  • Important action can be taken as part of student’s learning in school; community focused research and action is an appropriate educational approach for schools
  • Students can be trusted, particularly those who are marginalised or disillusioned
  • Expectations of all students are that they can and will do significant things to help their community
  • All students are enabled, supported and encouraged to carry out school/community research and action
  • Junior School classes also take responsibility for organising and hosting 3 assemblies per term

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is open to all students and parents (B-12) from 8:00am to 8:40am every day. Middle School students volunteer their services and we are supported through “Kickstart”. As well as providing a great nutritional breakfast, it is also a wonderful social gathering – a clam, happy way to start the day. All Junior School classes also have a designated morning fruit time.

Team Pickup

Team Pickup is a dedicated group of students who give up their lunch times to keep our College environment clean and tidy. “Pride in our College” in action, as older students lead the younger ones by example.

Adelaide West

Every lunch time many students from OVC go to Adelaide West Special Education Centre to interact with their wonderful students. Some very strong friendships have developed as students from both sited play and communicate with each other. Ocean View College students are involved in many activities: reading, taking students for walks in their wheelchairs, dressing up, playing in the sandpit, going on the trampoline, ball games, learning new playground skills, hand massages, listening to music, dancing, water play and bike riding. As one student wrote “Going to Adelaide West is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I feel so good that I am making a difference in their lives”.


From 2015, our Year 4-7 students will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting Cirkidz program aimed to promote happiness, confidence, cooperation and courage, by giving children the opportunity to express themselves creatively and physically.

Aerobics and Hip-Hop

Our Year 4/5 students have the opportunity to participate in these high energy activities. They are taught by our Year 11/12 students (under the guidance of professionals) as part of their Integrated Learning Studies.